BULL Magazine is a men’s lifestyle magazine that focuses on the 18 to 35 year old male who’s looking for the quick entertainment read that also has informative content built around the digital age that this group is use to living.   Our message is delivered in a friendly bro tone, where you the reader are able to say,  “I feel my brother,  friend,  or mentor is providing me with some good things to know to make my life fun, while also giving me tools to push my career and personal life in the right direction.”  It’s the perfect definition of a BULL man.

BULL has been created for those of you are establishing or expanding their young,  fast moving lives and careers , who also love the female form,  with all its lovely curves, but still confident enough to be a feminist and champion the women in their lives.  Brains and beauty make the perfect woman – a Luvabull.

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